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Whatever your industry or application, KLEEN BLAST ABRASIVES WAREHOUSE ensures an ample supply of high-performance abrasives, with quick response and shipping from one of KLEEN BLAST's 5 regional distribution centers in California, Oregon and Washington.

  • Produced by crushing specially heat treated shot pellets
  • Behavior performance depends on the hardness used:
    GB - More aggressive than shot and GP Angular Shot
    GL - Harder and more aggressive
    GH - Most aggressive
    GR - Special Granite Cutting Product
  • V : All Pass
  • % : min. cumulative percentages allowed on corresponding screens
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SG5012 N/A Cast Steel Grit - G12 50lb Bag N/A G12 $89.95 Add To Cart
SG5014 N/A Cast Steel Grit - G14 50lb Bag N/A G14 $89.95 Add To Cart
SG5016 N/A Cast Steel Grit - G16 50lb Bag N/A G16 $89.95 Add To Cart
SG5018 N/A Cast Steel Grit - G18 50lb Bag N/A G18 $89.95 Add To Cart
SG5025 N/A Cast Steel Grit - G25 50lb Bag N/A G25 $89.95 Add To Cart
SG5010 N/A Cast Steel Grit - G10 50lb Bag N/A G10 $89.95 Add To Cart
SG5040 N/A Cast Steel Grit - G40 50lb Bag N/A G40 $89.95 Add To Cart
SG5050 N/A Cast Steel Grit - G50 50lb Bag N/A G50 $89.95 Add To Cart
SG5080 N/A Cast Steel Grit - G80 50lb Bag N/A G80 $79.95 Add To Cart
SG50120 N/A Cast Steel Grit - G120 50lb Bag N/A G120 $79.95 Add To Cart
1 - 10 of 10 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure